Educational Services

Education services at RRJJC are provided by the John H. Wood Jr. Charter School. The vision of the John H. Wood Charter School is to deliver individualized education and rehabilitative training to primarily At Risk students. The education department provides an environment in which the students are encouraged to develop their intellectual, linguistic, social, emotional, civic and physical abilities. The ultimate goal is the transition and integration of these students into society, capable of full participation in the process of family, employment and community.

In addition to the Texas mandatory course for credit, which this school shall offer, there is also common theme of character development, personal and social responsibility, vocational discovery, personal economic and financial responsibility, civic and community involvement, technology literacy, and reading improvement. Individuals are encouraged to consider their personal interest in the development of self-discipline and goal-oriented activity.

About the Rockdale Campus

Rockdale Campus is located inside of the Rockdale Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Rockdale, Texas. 4-M Youth Services owns the Rockdale Center and the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission holds the license.

The Rockdale Center is a 65-bed secure facility serving both pre- and post-adjudicated youth. The facility primarily treats adolescents with drug and alcohol abuse problems, and sexual offenders. County juvenile probation departments place adolescents in the Rockdale center.

Rockdale school serves boys and girls ages 10 to 17. Our current enrollment is 60 students with about 30% in special education.

Our school staff includes a principal, educational diagnostician, registrar, core content teachers (math, science, social studies, and English), a P.E. teacher, and two instructional assistants. Additionally, the campus has a special education teacher that provides resource classes and tutoring. We also use the C-Scope curriculum, and students have access to a full range of computer-assisted instruction including Accelerated Math and Study Island.

This year we will offer Life College class. This class is for local credit and will cover topics such as learning how to fill out an application, job interest and how to interview for a job, managing a budget, opening a bank account, paying taxes, finding an apartment, and many other life skills.