Pre-Adjudicated Detention

The Rockdale Regional Juvenile Justice Center as a dually certified facility can house up to 43 Pre-Adjudicated residents. Currently it is an  8 bed pre-adjudication component. This section of the facility is used for the temporary housing of juveniles detained for law violations and/or pending  juvenile  court  hearings.The goal of the center is to provide a short term safe and secure environment for the child as well as for the safety for the community.

The Rockdale Center is staffed with male and female Juvenile Supervision Officers who are certified by the Texas Juvenile Justice Probation Department and who must complete and maintain 80 hours of continuing education every two years. The staff is also provided regular training on numerous topics including various mental health issues, suicidal tendencies, de-escalation, physical restraint techniques, and much more.

At the time of admittance, juveniles are screened for identification, medical, emotional and mental health needs. RRJJC’s in-house therapeutic and medical departments are notified of any potential high risk behaviors or diagnosis that would put the juvenile or our staff in danger.All juveniles admitted into the detention center are housed in a multi-person pod where they have individually assigned rooms. Residents are visually monitored 24 hours a day for their individual safety as well as the safety of others.

While at the detention center, all residents are provided educational services by the John H. Wood Jr Charter School. It is staffed with certified teachers, a number of whom are certified in special education, teachers aides, an LSSP, and an on campus principal. The Charter School offers all of the core classes, physical education, TAAKS preparation and testing. The school also provides special education services and gives students the opportunity to participate in one (1) hour of structured recreational time that includes both inside and outside activities in designated areas,

Residents are provided three meals a day and a snack in the evening. The food service staff is governed by the City of Rockdale Health Department and meets dietary guidelines under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Daily menus are approved by a certified dietician and meet all dietary requirements.

We encourage communication between the residents and their families. Parents and Probation Officers coordinate and submit an approved contact list to the facility. Only approved contacts are allowed to visit. Incoming and outgoing mail as well as phone calls is subjected to this approved contact list. Probation Officers are supplied with visitation and phone regulations to ensure parents are informed of the procedures. All visitors are required to provide identification with photo prior to any visitation being allowed.