Target Population

The Rockdale Regional Juvenile Justice Center offers specified programming,residential treatment,outpatient treatment and education for ajudicated adolescent offenders.  Our program services are tailored for both male and female youth between the ages of 10 and 17, with an IQ of 70 and above with reading comprehension levels above the 4th grade. Children with a mental health diagnosis are accepted into the program;however, the adolescent must be stabilized and not have any active hallucinations or delusions.

As a matter of exclusion, youth referred to our facilty may not have or have had any active suicide or homicidal history within the last six months.  Additionally, they may not  have any complex medical issues or health concerns. This includes head injuries, communicable diseases,and the inability to control bladder or bowel movement or any handicap that may interfere with activities of daily living or that may interfere with successful participation of the RRJJC program.

Note:  All referrals with a mental health diagnosis must be on medication and have a minimum  30 day supply and or current prescription. Exceptions to our general admissions criteria may be requested through the Facility Administrator and  Clinical Director.