Progressive Level System

An integral and major component to our program is theProgressive Level System.This system allows for identification of a resident’s level of overall progress in the required major areas of our program i.e. Therapeutic Component, Education (School), and Security (Behavior Management).Completion of all levels denotes successful completion of program.

Upon admittance to the program, all resident clients begin their program participation at incipient Level 4.

Resident clients attend “Level” hearings every 45 days on the following Wednesday. Hearings are chaired by Case Management and representatives from each major department who provide recommendations.

Clients will receive privileges and level incentives with each level they receive as well as the ones already earned. Clients are required to maintain each level by following the expected behaviors set forth for each level.

If a client fails to do so they will be brought before the level board and have their level dropped for 2 weeks as well as all their privileges and incentives taken away.If during level hearings a client receives his/her level and one of the approving departments asks for a review the client will return to the level hearing in 2 wks. While the client is on a 2 week review they are expected to maintain the level granted and the behavior that goes along with it. If a client fails to maintain behavior or fails to attend the level hearing due to behavior they will be dropped back to the previous level